June 8


Poem- Thought Collage – A grey parade

By Patrick Turner-lee

June 8, 2019

Watercolour painting

  • Watercolour on paper A4
  • Watercolour on paperA4
  • Grey Parade Day

Grey Parade Day

Princess Dream
Disguised in sparkling perception,
A silk dress façade, aghast residing in exception.
An island of extreme,
Pursed lips of beauty caress, in pursuit and empty.

Alone a haven, a heavenly design of distraction,
Light fractal focus scattered in the wide open expanse.

A sea shore magnificence, charred in natural erosion.
A symposium of lush peacock grandeur, an expected procession.

Glorious abundance embraced in tension
True plans, laid in reaction.
Fear bred, strict protection.
Chained to exacting critical pleading

Seemingly meritorious found and exacting,
Juxtapose a position

Flounder found on waters’ edge.
Smooth and luscious excited revision,
Planted in devised, organic suppression

Giant breaking waves promote falling fancy
Dream of freedom a far from neat idea
Built upon intuitive fear

Chequered life competing in sweatshop style decisions
A flee in the ear, a high street interstellar hard drive

Stop the wind
Hold time
Ask questions.

August 29th
Copyright Patrick Turner-Lee

Patrick Turner-lee

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