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May 4, 2019

Poetry – How to transform memories

Chased in Dragons

Falling, pleading to succeed accuracy
Make out nightgown felony
A crime not drawn intensity
Stick to the focus
Spell under hypnosis
A magnetic pull, a psychosis
Melodrama in process

Box dynamic
Moving in the backdrop
Moving in the mind
Transient in delivery time
A book ended triviality

Squared up and facing resolution
Digging down into destitution
A capital city of truth that’s being hidden
Last drift towards a stronger constitution

Patrick Turner-Lee
Copyright 2017

Writing poetry became like unplugging a full drain

When I was young I would write copiously in a spontaneous way as a release of energy. Not being aware that this could be poetry or even worrying about it.

After a heart attack in 2013 I decided to write a poem a day. Now I prefer to call these thought collages. The first reason for this is that like most art forms there is an elite. Poetry seems no different and after all, why should it be.

Thought Collage

Thought collage is more accurate in fact when I first write out the words the thoughts just don’t stop coming and often are difficult to follow. At first my intention was to just leave it as it is and whatever.

A few years have passed now and I pick up these early ramblings and re work them. Writing all these articles has helped me grow in my writing and consequently can re visit the material with new eyes.

The poems here have been edited once before when I was going to produce chap books as they seem to be called in USA. The ideas seems perfect and I have decided to have another go. The poems are all short for a chap book and a great opportunity to hone my meagre skills.

Chased in Dragons above is my first offering. Chase the Dragon relates to a rather unhealthy relationship with heroin as a teenager. Smack is a pervader of the pleasure neurons in the brain. I realise now that was my obsession, pleasure. Fortunately for me, I could never get a good enough supplier.

Transform your relationship with memories

I realise in my ramblings that memories come back to entertain me and the process can be cathartic. Naturally memories exist in the moment and then we have the opportunity to transform our relationship with them. This may be by understanding the needs that we had during the events.

I recommend writing whatever is on your mind on a daily basis and you will be surprised how this can help your creative endeavours whatever they may be


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