Portrait Commissions

Let me make a portrait based on any photograph or set of photographs

Portrait Commissions

As is usually the case when I start I can't imagine that I will be able to make it work. When I get started the image becomes alive. When I walk into my studio and feel that I am not alone is when the magic has happened. The final part of the  process is about going into more detail to finish the work.

Portrait Commissions

This portrait is part of a set of three and was completed in oils in February 2021. I chose to paint this on canvas and the other two on Linen. I am not absolutely sure why I chose to do this but increasingly trust my judgement. All three painting are based on photographs and this was the only one that was in colour. 

Portraits of Icons

Let me make a portrait based on your favourite person or hero

Portraits of Icons

Like many iconic figures images that are linked to them are very common. On this occasion I was asked to make a painting from a rare image of Bob Marley. I found this interesting and challenging for a number of reasons.

The light is important and the tones subtle. He is actively engaged in playing a guitar that incidentally appears to have a missing string. With a "cigarette" balanced between his fingers this has a real natural feel to it.

Family Portraits

Let me make a portrait based on old black and white photographs

Portrait of your pets

Let me make a portrait based on any photograph of your present or past pets

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