Commissioned Portraits

Daisaku Ikeda

Daisaku Ikeda is a Buddhist philosopher, peacebuilder, educator, author and poet. He is the third president of the Soka Gakkai and the founding president of the Soka Gakkai International (SGI).

This portrait is part of a set of three and was completed in oils in February 2021. I chose to paint this on canvas and the other two on Linen. I am not absolutely sure why I chose to do this but increasingly trust my judgement. All three painting are based on photographs and this was the only one that was in colour. 

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Josei Toda

Josei Toda (1900–58) was the second president of the Soka Gakkai, one of Japanʼs most influential lay Buddhist movements.

The second painting is based on a black and white photograph. I have now completed many portraits based on monochrome images and then added colour. The aim of this piece was to capture the humour of Mr Toda. Many photographs of leader in the past have been very formal. This was taken when this great man was relaxing after a busy day. 

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Tsunesaburo Makiguchi

Tsunesaburo Makiguchi (1871-1944) was a forward-thinking geographer, educational theorist and religious reformer who lived and worked during the tumultuous early decades of Japan's modern era. 

The first of three portraits for one client was based on a photograph from the 1930's. The background in the photograph was unclear and so I have created a feel of a natural landscape. This could be a waterfall or a lake area in the mountainous areas of Japan.

Bob Marley Oil on Linen

Bob Marley

Like many iconic figures images that are linked to them are very common. On this occasion I was asked to make a painting from a rare image of Bob Marley. I found this interesting and challenging for a number of reasons.

The light is important and the tones subtle. He is actively engaged in playing a guitar that incidentally appears to have a missing string. With a "cigarette" balanced between his fingers this has a real natural feel to it.

It was a real pleasure to achieve this likeness and capture the dynamics. There is always a moment of excitement for me when the person appears and says hello to me through time and space. PTLArts shop

Pam and Rita

A special painting for a special Lady. Pam lost her mum and they were very close. This is based on a favourite photograph of them. The aim of the painting is to capture the undying love between them. I really felt Rita's spirit helping me, when I was in the process of painting it.

As is usually the case when I start I can't imagine that I will be able to make it work. When I get started the image becomes alive. When I walk into my studio and feel that I am not alone is when the magic has happened. The final part of the  process is about going into more detail to finish the work.

Abstract Representation

Auguste Wilfrid Nembhard

This a commission and one of four on order. Chris Nembhard contacted me asking if I could paint his sons over a period of time. My aim has been to connect with their character as best as I can and convey in an original oil painting. This was painted on linen.

This substrate creates a softness and is my preferred medium for portraits. Chris feels that the importance of creating a legacy and a history of these deep and meaningful relationships.

I have two more sons to paint and am really looking forward to doing this. Art at the same time captures its own passing of time and deeper understanding of its practise.

Andrew Brigg 

This a commission of Andrew Brigg a business man who I met in 2018. He watched me painting on Facebook Live and messaged me. We had a video call together and I made the piece. It is based on a picture that was his FB profile at the time. After talking with him I gathered that he wanted it to be in his office space.

I had a short time to complete this as he was traveling to London on business and I was able to deliver to his hotel in the short time that he was over from America.

I thrive on challenges, having said that I went to London on the train and got lost trying to find the hotel. Crazy but true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luca Nembhard

The first commission I did for Chris was of his youngest son. This is him at a very young age. Every time that I do a painting I face a new challenge. In this case it is my second painting of a young child. To capture the youth takes a fresh and courageous frame of mind. 

I am really proud that I was able to convey a bright and hopeful expression and really connected with a sense of hope.

Painting portraits is often a meaningful and profound experience of describing a life within an image

Frankie Martin

In 2018 I was involved in a production of The Seven Ages a music and drama production based on the famous Shakespeare speech.

Jamie Martin already had a painting of his elder son and wanted one of Frankie who was about the same age at the time. Luckily I spent a bit of time getting to know Frankie a bit and this made the process of painting him much smoother

Preferably I hope in the future to spend time with the subjects of my paintings to enhance my understanding

More Portraits

John Lennon Imagine

This is the latest of three paintings of John Lennon. He is always popular and seems to sell quite quickly. Lennon has an interested character and particular subtleties in expression. I really have got to understand his features and consequently have enjoyed getting to know much more about him than I have before. When he died I was just 22 yrs old and I though he must have been ancient. Only 40 yrs old such a loss as I feel he was only just coming to truly express himself

Janis Joplin

I started to paint Janis on a Facebook Live session and just went for a lot of red in the under painting.Often when I start on a portrait a colour seems to jump out at me and becomes the theme for the painting. At the time I was initiating the work in acrylics and building oil on top. This is because within a short space of time I am able to get the essence of the person and then the oil is like the personality. Janis another tremendous loss at such a young age, was fluid and fun to work with. I love her passion and power.


David Bowie the later years

This was one of my first sales and inspired me to do so much more. David Bowie was such and inspiration and a creator. This is based on a set of photographs of him at an exhibition in New York not many months before he passed away. I felt this represented his true identity rather that his stage persona that of course everyone remember so well

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PTLArts is about being Creative. With a growing input to a number of creative practises the aim is to establish a sustainable arts practise. This means taking skills into the community and enabling a wider variety of people to explore their creative potential. 

In 2013 Patrick Turner-Lee had a heart attack and then started to paint. He now has a studio in Brighton UK and has already been selling paintings all over the world. He formed PTL Paintings in 2015 and is now also actively working on projects in other creative arenas.


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It was great working with Patrick after seeing his artwork I was inspired to think about my family and how would like all of my children and my wife to be painted by him.

When you have a family and you think about Legacy I thought would be a beautiful way to remember all my children, and for them to have something special that they could pass on to their children. I had a discussion with Patrick about their various qualities and characteristics of my boys then Patrick set about painting them.

The results were fantastic. I wanted the paintings to be finished their birthdays and Patrick delivered bang on time.

Can't wait for my next painting !!

Christopher Nembhard

Movement Therapist

I decided to do something different and a little special for my Nan on her 82nd birthday, my nan is super creative and often paints things (like a tree in her garden - yes she painted the actual tree!), so I booked a painting session with Patrick for Nan and I.

It was fantastic, very hands-on. The experience was paced perfectly. Patrick knew where to start, when to move on and when to reflect.

He taught us some valuable lessons, in painting, creativity and in life! I would highly recommend booking Patrick for your painting lesson, creative guidance and high-art experience today!

Very grateful for the memories and the art we created, that we now have to cherish.

Jesse Connor

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