Reality Shows – Poetry – Parked in Silk

written by Patrick Turner-lee | Daily Poem

February 21, 2019

Reality Shows

Heavy heart drawing lines
Times and floating balloons
Full of dust
Feeling giddy
Barriers escorted in chains

Insist on cow-towing
Making broken teams

Spun out cars; filling beds with bleeding tears
Fears crumble in pillows filled with friends
Never crushed just stirred with a slice
Served on a plate with steam

Just to say it wasn’t for trying
Denying my part
Forgetting the apprehension
The growing tension and disbelief
In myself and others
A bad reputation
Crashing hopes
Bad dreams

February 21st 2019
Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright

Parked in Silk

Smooth white perfect line; I am breathless at tender light
Swaying rhythm as my eyes glance
A shimmering glitter of magnificence
A barrage of sensual delight
A light shining in the distant but nearby statuesque beauty
My heart spins
A flick of a tiny wrist, captivating power of motion
Clip and clop of pinpoint shoe patter on plate glass illusion
Emeralds and diamond finger shaft of light
Warming hearts in each adorable moment
A show, an indulgence, a dream
A performance of dress
A choreographed meaningful glance
Intelligence falling for the bait
The park bench
The sky is grey
My heart is heavy
The bank of grass is bright,
With life
And hollow heart rejoices.
April 8th 2015
Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2015

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