Selling Original Art Online

By Patrick Turner-lee | 90 day challenge VIDS

Jan 28

Up and Running

So, we are up and running. You’ve got a Youtube channel and doing a post as often as you can. Already been able to pick your ideas to pieces and present them to the world. Quickly realising that the world may be just one or two views, probably from kind friends who think you have probably lost your head.

Then you wonder whether you have indeed lost the plot. If you are like me it is hard to sit and binge watch yourself to see what the past three weeks or so have produced.

Don’t be discouraged because if you look at your first video and the one you do today you will see a massive improvement. Are you at the beginning of all this like me then it is time to congratulate yourself.

Most artists’ love to talk about how they will do X, Y or Z and seldom do it. You have done it and the ways that you begin to execute your content is beginning to become much better.

So there is a good chance that you will get even better after the next twenty days.

I took a couple of days out and went on a course. It was all about taking responsibility for my happiness and it reminded me that the real reason I want to share my life through an art practice is to help others improve the quality of their life. That in itself naturally becomes the cause of my personal happiness.

A look at Content and Categories

So now I am looking at content. The four categories I have chosen to talk about are beginning to make sense. I reckon that after 90days I will have enough content to do the next challenge and begin to promote some of my ideas.

At the same time, I am using the energy that is accumulating, as a driving force, that is helping me produce a lot more work than I was before. I am internalising the why, and working in a more focussed way.

So I will illustrate with a piece of work how I incorporate making it into building my business. It could be creative and business brain dialogue?

I start in the centre of the canvas. I work outwards to get clarity The centre of my business is the why am I doing this? I look at what is orbiting and relate this to the centre or why.

Colour harmony represents the brand I am creating in the piece of work The overall image communicates or connects with people for many reasons that we can no about or not even imagine.

Mindset – Keep resetting the mind

I keep coming across one common factor whilst making these articles. Mindset is all important if not THE most important thing in the whole process.

This has an impact on the core points of the business model that is evolving.

Inspiration -being open to getting it and if you can’t get it – give it and that is inspiring in itselfRevealing what are your priorities and focusing on effective use of your valuable timeConnect with other people.Connect with your work with your why.Connect with your greater self.