SOCIAL MEDIA and ART – Art a Business

By Patrick Turner-lee | 90 day challenge VIDS

Jan 16

Social media is the Mind Set ?

This time I want to have a cursory glance at the different social media platforms. I want to cover mindset. As you are reading this article there is a pretty good chance you are a social media ready individual anyhow.

This time I want to have a cursory glance at the different social media platforms. Straight away I just want to cover mindset. As you are reading this article there is a pretty good chance you are a social media ready individual anyhow.

So I am noticing that the further I go into my different potential customers what is important is how they relate to different media. I have now started to see the trends and habits that I have and how I respond to various approaches that I look at.

Attention span of a nat

To be honest I tend to not hover on anything for long. Even if I am interested in my attention span is limited. So I can look at something is brilliant but won’t stay.

Another thing that turns me cold is adverts. Especially if there is no engagement. Recently I have been drawn in by videos. This will be for a number of reasons but mainly because there is a person on the other side of the screen or phone.

Continually prepare to pivot

Also if there is a lot of information I definitely can’t be reading it. So I am a pretty naff customer. It does make me see through a level of compassion for anyone who doesn’t stay and see what I am doing.

It doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad. More likely the time you have someones attention is short. So Paintings and images as an artist are brilliant.

I am still a long way from being an expert on social media and how I can use it. As art it is tempting to spend all my time perfecting the presentation on Instagram for example. Another argument that comes to mind is that there are zillions of the awesome designer like Instagram pages. It is just part of the armoury.

Sharing Content is the way forward

So content and sharing your ideas is the way forward. Just in the same way that some paintings take a while to make an impact. Every time you publish content you can use an image of your work as the feature pic and bingo you are doing ads without pushing.

So to Pinterest, again just starting to dig in there. I am feeling slow burning in so many of my endeavours. This comes back to building a brand that is particular to you. Keep looking every day at how your content is shaping up. Already I am seeing a massive improvement with an understanding that there is a way to go.

The more content that you make and consequently share on social media the stronger your personality and confidence begin to develop.

Facebook I find is great for live broadcasts and putting some ideas out there. Actually, lots of people will surprise you with their support. Also, you get a good feel for those who are media active and those who are not. Are you targetting an audience that is even interested in social media?

I thought that an intellectual understanding of this would manifest as the means by which I could do it. Not so, I am continually pivoting and sketching new ideas and ways of looking at it.

Engagement or understanding of all platforms as an artist is really useful. Also, the brand perspective as it develops will gradually show on all the channels that you use. I have changed my stance a few times but stuck with my name initials because already I am getting know as PTL. In fact, a good friend of mine coined the phrase a few years.

Take time to learn about the different platforms

So FB Insta Pinterest needs to be investigated. Publishing content as video and or blog is a great way to show your work and share your integrity. I use twitter as again it gets your images out there. If you paint landmarks, for instance, you can direct tweet those places. I did this to i360 a tower in Brighton UK where I live and sold a painting when they used my image on their banner for a month. So you never know.

As artists, it is great to see what works and what doesn’t. In paintings, for example, yellows don’t get a good balance on screen. When I researched this with an expert printer I discovered that it is the same when printing a scan of a painting.

You may well be incredibly discerning already.

So take time to set up some accounts and learn how they work. There is a lot of people giving great tips out there. I will be going into each platform in more detail in the coming weeks

Thank you