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written by Patrick Turner-lee | Art Practise, How to be inspired

February 14, 2019

So what is it to be successful or even happy

A lot of the economic growth model wonderfully embraces the idea that success and happiness exist in the same place and that is not where failure and misery is.

It is a strong message that is driven into our subconscious at such an early age. Then I guess we imagine that success is being strong-minded and sticking to your plans and being hard faced emotionally.

Some of us are naturally built with these qualities and indeed can have elements of success but not necessarily happiness

Is happiness important??

When we start to see that our own fulfilment is a purpose of living rather than a self-gratifying act our perspective begins to shift.

The key to happiness is understanding what it might look like and recognising that to be true it will invariably involve other people. Indeed happiness is now being measured as an international parameter to validate nations.

It is interesting that the highest marker for people in all different situations is their relationships with other people. Albeit their close relatives or friends. Still, this is an important point and why is this so vital in how we develop our lives.

The indicators are strong for creating value for others. Surely this is a cause for building a foundation of happiness in our own lives as well. If we start to view an art practice and an art business with a practice in this way all of the barriers to continuing to begin to lose their efficacy.

Creating value for others

Back to content. As you see from this argument the process of creating or giving value to others is a crucial key to our happiness. In other words, the value we give unconditionally will naturally return to us. In my experience, this can manifest itself as a deeper understanding of my relationship with the bigger picture.

The Universe is continuing to support me when my intention is to create value for others through my efforts. In business, at some point, the exchange of money as energy will be able to take place. If this is the sole intention then I believe the place of happiness in the formula will become absent. On the other hand, without some exchange of money, the expansion needed to create more value for more people becomes difficult.

Money and Happiness

This leads to the question of money and happiness, doesn’t it? Money can give you more choice. I say can because this is purely dependant on the relationship that you have with this energy. I am still working on this relationship. We can be programmed from an early age that money is more or less important than it really is. It becomes increasingly important if we haven’t got it. At the same time having a lot of it can be equally distressing for some.

So selling Art as a business covers all of these paradoxes, doesn’t it? We have the value for ourselves, manifested in our art and the way we feel about it and consequently our own self-esteem. Then we have the deepest reality within our own reaction and relating to others. Finally the exchange of value in the sense of money energy. I keep coming back to this conversation so that I can become clear about where I am with all of these relationships. These are all part of my happiness but also tools to enable me to create value for others.

Interesting isn’t it !!!!!!

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