Two Poems – Thought Collage – Painting with words

Back in Broken Directions

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Tackle a Jack of all trades

Dismayed at a junction without lines

Where a car can crash on instruction.

One eye working on behalf of another

No big deal just a function An alternative to reality

Bullied internal questions crushed

Must be the weather, or the pressure from blowing.

Showing a weakness

Unable to hide

Sat beside the discursive equation

With qualified chieftains waiving the creeping illusions

Repelled by building ships into seaside bunkers.

Levelled by a sand shifting crane;

Driven down to hold up buildings

Of glass that you can throw stones in.

Bold and best left to chance

The bargain basement

For Sale

A bereavement

February 24th 2018 Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright

Buckle up Crash Time

Stacked with sparkling party popping blisters

Insisting that loved ones are stalling Falling,

Calling out for help

Difficult to keep up

A cup in hand catching the sprinkling shower

The grim truth balanced on a broken swing

Pimples plastering mirrors already grubby with tears.

Fears shaking an otherwise spirit to be awoken

Soaking locals from the deranged apartment building

Slopping out the window

As the duct is stuffed with plastic

Too late to get the change

Rhetoric is still sticking to newspapers

Like burnt-out frying pans

Like a crushed apron theory

Back to me Meant to come to an end I know

Sharpening the knife

Cutting the ribbon

January 6th 2018 Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright

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