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Unsatisfaction – A positive thought? – Leadership

By Patrick Turner-lee

March 29, 2019

Drilling deeper into the qualities of a leader.

Continuing on a journey into Joe D Batten we now look at three more points in further detail. As a result, we have some powerful ideas to build a robust mindset.

I am an artist and trying to take my art practice to the next level, therefore I need to strengthen my mindset.

Let’s look at some more quotes from Joe D Batten. I looked at Unity, caring and positive listening in the previous article. If you are tired of reading articles and want to see a human being I have a Youtube channel too,

It is our mind that decides where we are heading. In this article, I would like again to apply leadership advice to our personal projects

So, let’s look at some more leadership tools. 

The references are from Tough-Minded Leadership written in 1963


“Leaders are hungry for imporvement, growth and a better way. “


Hungry for improvement is this a good thing or not? On one level we all have actual experience of hunger state because of our need to consume food to survive. Perhaps we have experienced what it is like not to have any food. I continually forget that actually, this is not something I have had a problem with very often. First of all how fortunate I am!

Hunger is often linked to something that we do not have and want. The negative aspect will continually contain us in a state of unsatisfaction. The positive aspect on one level is a motivation to make things better than they are already perceived to be.

When we begin to transform our mindset from consumption to a desire to improve our or other situations our relationship with hunger state begins to be less dominant. The important point for me here is that we don’t get rid of this hunger state but put it to good use.

“They have a fanatical commitment to constantly stretching and reaching for the best. “


Where hunger state can never be satisfied often can cause long term suffering. Perhaps that is why we attribute hunger to greed. As a result, the very natural state of hunger gets a really bad press. Of course this becomes a driver on our perspective and consequently, we fail to embrace our condition honestly as it seems unfashionable.

Meanwhile, if we make the choice to take action based on helping others this powerful natural energy comes to our assistance and we can experience a great change in our situation.

The insatiable nature of hunger can be exercised in growth and pursuit for the best result in our projects.


“Leaders abhor rigidity in all forms. They know hardness and weakness are usually synonymous. Their minds are resilient and supple.”


Through all of these wonderful pointers to leadership, we begin to see complexity and insight into our personal behaviour on a profound level. Indicative to our ability to embrace change and pivot in our projects and even relationships with others demands flexibility. Rigidity does not belong in a life that is aiming towards a holistic approach.

I certainly become rigid so easily in my approach to making these articles for instance. This has a real impact on my immediate relationships when I lapse into it. Instead of treasuring the person in front of me I am wanting them to clear off so I can get on with my work!! Interesting that when in that state of mind if I do get to do my work it is invariably unproductive.

My mind needs to be unfettered to enable it to function in a creative way. That can be disconcerting especially as thoughts often veer towards planning whatever project or task is next on the list of things to do.

On a microscopic level not being able to be flexible ultimately causes me to neglect the things I can do to stay in good health


“Leaders believe that the more people put into – or give – to life and their work, the more they receive. Also, giving yields more real pleasure.”

Cause and effect and the connection between all living beings comes to mind. If we can embrace the reality that we are all in fact connected as living beings to each other the notion of giving becomes more straightforward to comprehend. We can never become happy in isolation.

World happiness is now a measure of nations well being. As a result of many years of research it is clear that the dominant factor that contributes to peoples happiness is family and relationships. If we are giving in essence we are giving to ourselves. Also to view this as an energy that is being continually transferred helps me to grasp the significance of giving.

“They relish giving earned praise! They know that go-getters ultimately get got.”

So giving earned praise to ourselves is important. All too often we can be our own harshest critic. I feel that the more that we counter this habit with self praise the easier we can praise others.

Are the go-getters hungry people striving to get things? Not really sure about this part of the quotation.

I do hope that some of these points are as helpful to you as they have been to me. I will be looking at more of these quotes in my next few articles


Patrick Turner-lee

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